Just like there is no one size fits all for medications, there is no one size fits all for counselling and therapy.

My own therapeutic journey began with receiving and studying person centred counselling, I then studied to integrate it with CBT and mindfulness (based on Egan’s Skilled Helper model) before going on to qualify as an advanced CBT practitioner.

The integrative counselling that I offer provides you with a space for reflection and contemplation. I experienced that many people benefited from such a space in the years I volunteered for charities before training in CBT for the NHS. CBT is an excellent therapy but it demands time and work outside of the therapy room. Some people prefer and can benefit from a more free flowing counselling space where each session does not have an agenda and a goal. This can work well for those who arrive at therapy perhaps exhausted or overwhelmed by life’s events and want a space to speak freely and make sense of how they are feeling without launching into a structured therapy.